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"Not everything that counts is counted and everything that is counted counts"; Einstein.

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Trees and Woodlands

Trees and Woodland images taken in the South West areas of Great Britain. As I live in Somerset, mainly Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire at different seasons, but also some other areas when visited.

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British Landscape Scenes

Landscape scenes taken mainly in the South West of Great Britain, as I live in Somerset. Other close by counties are Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall. Other landscape scenes, covering various seasons and weather will also be found here as I get to visit.

17 photos

Seascapes & Boats

Seascapes - storms and waves, beaches and huts, boats & Nautical. Somerset to Cornwall but other Counties in Great Britain when visited at various times of the seasons.

10 photos

My Digital "Art" Works

A number of "Art" Images edited and created from my photographs. Variety of 'Media' effects using a variety of programs. Pencil type sketches, Chalk, Oil, Pastel, Vector etc. Abstract or... dependant on the mood of the image used.

10 photos

Rivers, Bridges, Lakes & Water

Rivers, Lakes and other Water Scenes of places visited in the SW of England as well as other areas around Great Britain when visiting.

8 photos