So... what has this - MailWasher - to do with my images, photographs, "Digital Art" or anything else you'll find here on these web pages? Nothing at all really except.. Over the years of using computers, the Internet and receiving/sending emails I've received thousands of unwanted 'correspondence' from various sources - haven't we all?

Well... back in 2007 I came across a program called Mailwasher Pro by a company called Firetrust. I've been using the program since then and found it to be a godsend for what it does - and does extremely well in deed. The gist of it is that it acts like a barrier between the emails you receive from your ISP email account and the email program you use on your computer - desktop, laptop or even mobile device. As it says on the home page: STOP SPAM, SCAMS & OTHER JUNK BEFORE THEY GET TO YOUR COMPUTER!

I'm therefore, without hesitation, wholeheartedly recommending that you check this program out. Yeah! Okay... so there may be other *free* alternatives out there but, as the saying goes, "Nothing worth having is Free... and sometimes *free* comes with hidden consequences" - especially when it comes to the Internet and your securitywink

Something I feel strongly about controlling... SPAM & Unwanted e-mail. MailWasher for information on controlling it yes

Till the next time yes