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An "edit" to this blog... Having spent this afternoon watching the videos for the first lesson of this 11 hour video educational course I've got to emphasise... really *emphasise* YOU NEED THIS - do your images a big favour... go get it quickly. And give my name a mention please yes

A few weeks ago I was having a phone chat with a friend of mine. He's been in the business of photography and film (camera work in the past for the BBC) for years and therefore knows far more than I ever will - and I'd guess at him having forgotten more than I'll ever know! And the older I get the more I'm forgetting -  a sad fact of life my friends wink

So... That's why I listen when he speaks so I can try to digest what he's talking about. He's previously done (and still does I'll hasten to add) workshops to Norway to shoot Sea Eagles 'from a boat' as well as other wildlife such as the Musk Ox etc., etc. His name is Andy Astbury of Wildlifeinpixels If of interest I'd recommend checking the workshop out yes

A visit to his training page list many subjects from Understanding Canon & Nikon Autofocus for BIFs, Product photography with High Speed Flash to tailored Natural History tuition and other photography days - so I listen. So, yes, some of the information there is at a cost - the guys got to eat and pay his bills like we do. His Blog and YouTube has 'FREE' content which is 'in depth' with subjects on using Lightroom and Photoshop on image sharpening, smart sharpening, Photoshop View Magnification, Sharpening without halos... (you get the picture wink) and such things as Raw File Demosaicing (? - what you say if not aware of this) is explained over on YouTube along with his other videos on Contrast and Clarity etc.

During that phone chat he mentioned about a HUGE project he'd spent hours and hours working on. An expansion of his work on sharpening and much much more. So much more that it's now got to a point he's released the work as a course: "Professional Grade Sharpening for Archive, Print & Web" !!! To save you going to that link I'm copying the text from his Blog about it:

Quote, his words not mine:

Over 11 hours of video training, spread across 58 videos…well, I told you it was going to be big!

And believe me, I could have made it even bigger, because there is FAR MORE to image sharpening than 99% of photographers think.

And you don’t need ANY stupid sharpener plugins – or noise reductions ones come to that.  Because Photoshop does it ALL anyway, and is far more customizable and controllable than any plugin could hope to be.

So don’t waste your money any more – spend it instead, on some decent training to show you how to do the job properly in the first place!

You won’t find a lot of these methods anywhere else on the internet – free or paid for – because ‘teachers cannot teach what they don’t know’ – and I know more than most!

WOW!!! Over 11 HOURS of video in 58 videos!!! All the PS actions and lightroom catalog and, and, and... well you get it, there's LOTS there. Now I suggest you visit the blog via the link above and read for yourselves what he explains he's gone to work on putting this together. Then consider visiting the store and making a purchaseof this. For a limited number of purchasers this is available for £59.99 - for the first 100 purchases before it then goes up in price to £69.99. Right now that works the 11 hours of video training at less than £5.50 and hour!!! AND... you can refer back to it time and time again - better than 1 to 1 because you'll have this course "with you" - it's a no brainer enlightened

Quote again:

Using a brush in Lightroom etc to ‘brush in’ some sort of differential sharpening is NOT a good idea, because it’s imprecise, and something of a fools task.

Why do I say that? Simple……. Because the ‘differential factor bit’ is contained within the image itself – and it’s just sitting there on your computer screen WAITING for you to get stuck in and use it.

But, like everything else in modern digital photography, the knowledge and skill to do so has somehow been lost in the last 12 to 15 years, and the internet is full of ‘teachers’ who have never had these skills in the first place – hence they can’t teach ’em!

However, everyone who buys this training of mine WILL have those skills by the end of the course.

It’s been a real hard slog to produce these videos.  Recording the lessons is easy – it’s the editing and video call-outs that take a lot of time.  And I’ve edited all the audio in Audacity to remove breath sounds and background noise – many thanks to Curtis Judd for putting those great lessons on YouTube!

Yes I bought the course when released 27th March - my birthday and I didn't get any discount because of!

Yes I'm just starting to use it and thought WOW... this is such a load of information that others into photography and editing need to know about it. So hence this Blog, second one ever, to spread the word. Don't take my word for it if you don't want... go read via the links in the text above - or go buy because "what you’ll learn will improve your image processing, whether it’s for big prints or just jpegs on the web – guaranteed – just click here! " Join me on this yes

Till next time yes