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A Little Bit About Me, My Photography... & possibly more

Thank you for popping by to read something about 'me' and what may motivate me in my Photography & Art images. I do appreciate your interest yes

I presently live in Somerset after travelling to various countries as a child with my parents 'by default' with my father serving in the British Army; East Africa, Hong Kong, Germany as well as different areas of the UK. In 1980 I and the family moved to West Yorkshire to renovate a derelict farmhouse on the edge of the moors.

Presently I use Nikon D810 & D500 bodies with various lenses, having changed over in 2017 from Sony gear.   I have a son, James Etchells, who is a Landscape Photographer having studied on the Marine & Natural History (BA Hons.) Photgraphy course at Falmouth University in Cornwall: James Etchells Photography FLICKR page if you wish to view his incredible images.

I do not specialise in one area or other with my images and will try anything I can point the camera at. 

My photography started when I was about 14 (1965) with some guidance from my father who loved taking and developing his own B/W - he would have loved this 'Digital Age' but passed away in 1992. I restarted in 1985 when I was intrigued with the Minolta 7000 'AF' 35mm SLR film camera - the 1st auto focus camera - and 50mm f1.7 & 70-210 f4 lenses. I became aware of the 'digital' era in 2004 with an Olympus C-750 ultra-zoom 4 mpx. With having the Minolta glass and internet research I found that SONY had taken over so started a number of years with Sony: 'Alpha' 700 in 2008... then a77, a77ii and finally Sony a7rii (Mirror less). I found the A7Rii did not meet my requirements and a complete change was needed to 'get the juices going' again - hence Nikon.

You will find images taken with various camera gear over a period of time in my 'Albums' & 'Galleries' etc., as well as some computer generated 'Art' type media - which I hope will inspire me to get back into in front of an easel. Thank You again for your interest.

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