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My Digital "Art" Works

A number of "Art" Images edited and created from my photographs. Variety of 'Media' effects using a variety of programs. Watercolours, Pencil type sketches, Chalk, Oil, Pastel, Vector etc. Abstract or... dependant on the mood of the image used.

12 photos

Trees and Woodlands

Trees and Woodland images taken in the South West areas of Great Britain. As I live in Somerset, mainly Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire at different seasons, but also some other areas when visited.

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British Landscape Scenes

Landscape scenes taken mainly in the South West of Great Britain, as I live in Somerset. Other close by counties are Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall. Other landscape scenes, covering various seasons and weather will also be found here as I get to visit.

17 photos

Seascapes & Boats

Seascapes - storms and waves, beaches and huts, boats & Nautical. Somerset to Cornwall but other Counties in Great Britain when visited at various times of the seasons.

10 photos

Rivers, Bridges, Lakes & Water

Rivers, Lakes and other Water Scenes of places visited in the SW of England as well as other areas around Great Britain when visiting.

8 photos