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Some Links I've Found Helpful Information & You May As Well

Thanks for popping in to look at this page.

Here you'll find links to a number of photographers and some of their 'instructional' information over on their pages or YouTube video channels, that I've found helpful, informative and educational. The 'Educational' most likely means you may have to spend some money but they are well worth the cost.

Please note that I do not receive 'any' payment in any form from these people - I provide these links because I've benefited myself from the information found on the pages in the links and hope that you will also smiley

This page will be updated as regularly as I can with links... I'll also be adding mentions to these in forthcoming blogs from time to time.

Starting with a good friend of mine:

Andy Astbury YouTube Lightroom & Photoshop, RAW file, Sharpening, Killer Tips etc., etc.

Wildlife in Pixels Andy's Blog page. Some of the write-ups for his videos on YouTube and his tuition/courses and also Wildlife Workshops.

Wildlife in Pixels Tuition with Andy Astbury Canon & Nikon Auto Focus, High Speed Flash & Product, Natural History Tuition and Photography Days... to name a few!

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